Muscles in the body at any given time should be able to resist a given force. This will be easy when integrity of the sensory-motor loop exists. Neurolink employs a series of sequential steps to determine congruence between the brain and certain neurological centers. These centers may be derived from cortical, spinal, visceral and glandular circuits. If neurological confusion dominates, the information referred via the sensory-motor loop will produce gross muscle weakness of any (originally strong) muscle elected for testing. The post central gyrus is addressed to restore appropriate control of the sensory-motor loop, giving back control to the testing muscle. In doing so normal neurological activity and homeostatic balance is achieved. In other words, once the brain can identify the problem, it can then correct it.

This technique is based on the skills of Dr. Alan K Phillips, D.O. He has spent 28 years passionately devoted to researching the brain and its governance of all body function. NEUROLINK represents the evolvement of this research to bringing a complete step-by-step prioritized system that allows the defining and correcting of the reasons behind the symptoms.

What they are saying:

As someone who has experienced some of these treatments both as a professional and a patient, it is wonderful to know the general public can now have ready access to the wealth of effective treatments these two extremely knowledgeable doctors have been providing to their patients for years. Patients should be aware of the vast array of different alternative therapies often far more effective then the drugs that have been over-marketed to the public.

Dr. Jonathan Marcus, DDS
New York, NY

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