The ASYRA is an evolutionary development in the realm of bio-energetic medicine.  This is a computer assisted diagnostic methodology which uncovers many hard to detect underlying disturbances in the body.

The ASYRA screening is based  largely in part on the concepts developed by Dr Reinhold Voll who developed eEectro-Dermal Screening (EDS).  In this system, the twelve major pathways of Chinese Medicine are utilized along with the pathways that were discovered by Dr. Voll himself.  The ASYRA can uncover the presence of many causative factors in acute and chronic diseases such as the presence of parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, phenolics, allergens, heavy metals, and pesticides.  The presence of any of these imbalances can be determined immediately upon the completion of the ASYRA evaluation procedure. This process is painless and non-intrusive using handheld electrodes.

What they are saying:

“In this landmark book, Drs Mark and Kessler hace successfully integrated 3000 years of Eastern, Western, and BioEnergetic modatlities to help understand, and obtain relief from acute and chronic craniofacial pain. There has never been a book like this before! Buy it, use it and take advantage of all the information contained within...”

Dr. Andrew Coyler, DC, Diplomat,
American Academy of Pain Management

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