Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme replacement nutritional therapy offers important information that is indicated for a great majority of patients. Enzymes have the capacity to perpetuate biochemical and physiological reactions that occur in all living organisms. Enzymes are essential nutrients found in food, which are responsible for the biochemical reactions that enable fruits and vegetables to mature and become ripe. The enzymes that are found in raw foods are responsible for the benefits given to vitamins and minerals. It is vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which often result in acute symptoms. However, it takes some time for enzyme deficiencies to be identified, as they can be present as an integral part of chronic degenerative diseases.

What they are saying:

Drs. Mark and Kessler provide a unique and comprehensive discussion of headaches, TMJ disorders and facial pain which affect many people but is often misunderstood by the public and professionals alike. This book is concise and encyclopedic in its scope and is a must for every dentist's library.

Dr. Kenneth Klonsky, DDS
Peridontics and Implant Dentistry

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