Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM)

Physiological Regulating Medicine is a manifestation of a new paradigm in clinical practice. There is a shift from classical Homeopathy to an approach that helps to re-establish biological homeostasis through the administration of communicating molecules; namely hormones, interlukins, neuropeptides, and growth factors. All of these constituents are prepared in homeopathic dilutions, which, in fact are equivalent to the actual concentrations found within the human body, which makes it easier for the body to assimilate without adverse reactions.

What they are saying:

As someone who has experienced some of these treatments both as a professional and a patient, it is wonderful to know the general public can now have ready access to the wealth of effective treatments these two extremely knowledgeable doctors have been providing to their patients for years. Patients should be aware of the vast array of different alternative therapies often far more effective then the drugs that have been over-marketed to the public.

Dr. Jonathan Marcus, DDS
New York, NY

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