Breath Coordination

Breathing is the life force or qi that we depend on for living. One’s health, energy and psychological states are all affected by the amount of oxygen we have. The demand for oxygen can be fully met through the efficient coordination of our respiratory muscles. Diaphragmatic development is the key to superior respiratory function and to improvement of respiratory problems.

As an infant we all began to master the correct way to breath. As we start to grow, bad habits are easily learned. With the help of breath coordination you can relearn these patterns that were etched into our nervous system at levels usually outside of our conscious minds. If we keep these inefficient patterns and do not learn the correct way to breath it can lead to physical deterioration and pain. With education, however, the internal relationships of our body parts can be positively influenced toward more functional patterns. These breathing techniques are taught to the patient, which will make the results long lasting.

What they are saying:

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Dr. Andrew Coyler, DC, Diplomat,
American Academy of Pain Management

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