Onnetsu Therapy

Onnetsu Therapy, Far Infrared Therapy (FIR), is an inherent aspect of Infrared ray which is integral aspect of the sun, which is intimately related to the life force (Qi) in all human beings. FIR is responsible for enhancing health as it penetrates deeply the systems of the body, stimulating blood, Qi and lymph circulation, enhances functions of the internal organs, rejuvenates cells and promotes elimination. Therefore, it is indispensable as a medical and therapeutic modality for health and well being. The wavelength contained within FIR is the same wavelength of healthy Qi energy of our life force.

What they are saying:

β€œIn this landmark book, Drs Mark and Kessler hace successfully integrated 3000 years of Eastern, Western, and BioEnergetic modatlities to help understand, and obtain relief from acute and chronic craniofacial pain. There has never been a book like this before! Buy it, use it and take advantage of all the information contained within...”

Dr. Andrew Coyler, DC, Diplomat,
American Academy of Pain Management

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