Peristeam Hydrotherapy

  • Vaginal steaming is a universal practice women have used since ancient times. It is a proven method used by women as a gynecological self care tool. As more and more women try streaming it shows a potential to address a myriad of symptoms such as cramps, fibroids, regulation of menses, etc. One of the things that makes vaginal steaming so great is that it is extremely gentle and simply involves sitting over a pot of herbal steam. It is important to know what is indicated and what is contraindicated.

From the first period to post-menopause it is an important tool for self care.

• post-partum care
• hygienic post-menses
• gynecological problems: cramps, trouble conceiving, infections, fibroids, cysts, and dryness

• Menstruation – During active menses or fresh spotting steaming is contraindicated
• Pregnancy – excellent after giving birth or an aid in healthy conception. Steaming can relax and open the cervix, which can result in miscarriage.
• Spontaneous Heavy Bleeding – or two periods a month because it can speed up circulation and opens the cervix, might cause more bleeding.
• During a Miscarriage – even though it is helpful for miscarriage recovery, it is not advised before pregnancy matter is cleared out and bleeding as turned to brown.

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